UXO Survey, could the efficiency be improved?

November 28, 2017

Have you ever heard about GeoWing?

Performing a marine UXO survey in a dumping area it probably means that you are going to face a lot of readings from false positive. With a GeoWing system this step can be strongly reduced, minimizing the number of potential UXO targets that require a deeper investigation and dramatically reducing costs for clients

Nowadays the detonation of UXO (UneXploded Ordnance) is still a risk, in both nearshore and offshore areas.

How can you collect High Resolution Magnetic data for UXO surveys?

GeoWing was designed by Fugro, this system is 5m wide with usually 5 magnetometers installed in a “M’ or “W” gradiometer configuration. In this kind of configuration geophysicists can calculate the Analytic Signal from X, Y and Z gradients. Also,the GeoWing is towed by an ROTV (such a Scanfish) is possible to manage the altitude very accurately, minimizing the needs of infill lines.

Detection of buried objects depends on the shape, orientation, size and of course the ferrous mass of the object itself. its magnetic signature will be recorded as a change in the earth magnetic field (the background geology), during data processing geophysicists will remove the background signature in order to isolate the real signature of the object. After that the object can be analyzed and, if necessary, investigated by cameras from a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV).

Thanks to these capabilities the demand for GeoWing gradiometer array is increasing, in order to carry on preliminary UXO surveys for construction projects as wind farm, cable and pipe route developments or all activities in the subsea environment that need to minimize the risk.

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