It’s time for Klein 3000 to give way to Klein 4000

December 1, 2017

After more than 10 years of service it’s now time for Klein 3000 Sidescan Sonar to give way to his successor Klein 4000.

The Klein System 3000 is a proven workhorse across the globe. Since introduced in 2002, militaries, hydrographic surveyors and search and recovery specialists have used in the marine environments.

What’s the differences?

Frequency: Klein 3000 uses two working frequencies, low is 100kHz and high is 500kHz, even Klein 4000 uses two working frequencies, but in this new model the high frequency is 400kHz, low is still 100kHz.

Depth: System 3000 is depth rated 1500m and the new System 4000 is depth rated 2000m

Pulse Transmission Mode: this is in my opinion the best improvement made on the system, the new Klein 4000 employs both a user selectable CW pulse transmission mode and advanced broadband CHIRP signal processing technology.

Telemetry: the System 4000 also features the new Smart Telemetry (AVRBT) which measures the electrical parameters of the tow cable (including slip ring and deck cable) and selects data rate and filter settings that maximize data throughput.

Pressure Sensor: in System 4000 the pressure sensure is now included, in System 3000 it was optional.

Heading, Pitch and Roll Sensors: in System 4000 the Heading, Pitch and Roll Sensors are  now included, in System 3000 they were optional.

Interface cable: in System 4000 you can use a Fiber Optical cable (optional)  instead of Coaxial.


These are in my opinion the main improvements made to the system, feel free to add your point of view. What do you think about? Comments below.


Klein 4000 sidescan sonar

Klein 3000 sidescan sonar


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